Having studied gifted education for a number of years, we have developed a program for gifted students who study in frum schools which will enable these students to maximilise their potential.

This program includes parenting classes, life skills classes and extension classes.

The parenting classes are provided in both English and Hebrew and are aimed towards parents of gifted students who are looking for guidance in understanding and raising their child.

The life skills course is a series of fourteen classes for students of all ages which enhance the acquisition of the tools that any child needs in order to fulfil his potential.  It is well known that many gifted students lack basic lifeskills.  In actual fact in order to succeed in life a person needs life skills more than he needs talent.  We can help your gifted child actualize his potential, reach fulfillment and attain satisfaction in their own attainment by solving the problem of the huge gap between what they want to do and what they actually manage to do.

The extension classes are given on a one-to-one basis and are aimed to stretch the gifted students learning capabilities through Torah teaching.  All classes are recorded and subject matter is carefully checked for suitability as well as to be sure that there is no overlap with schoool curriculum.  We have a very strong policy that no question is unanswerable and no child is too young to understand the answer to a question that is disturbing him. 

Give your child the gift of depth in his Yidishkeit.  GIve him the joy in solving any doubts and difficulties.  Let him find the satisfaction he is craving in the Torah world and not outside.